Our office offers you legal advice in all law fields, including international law.
Actions at law, clients assistance and representation are accomplished at the
  highest quality level.
Family law (marriage null and void, divorce, abolishment and detachment of
  adoption, custody, paternity exemplification, denial of paternance, evacuation of the
  turbulent husband, parent lost of his paternal rights, sharing the common goods
  during marriage or after that); successions (acceptance of the succession,
  resignation of succession, cancellation of the heir certificate, wills, partition of
  inheritance); civil person (interdiction proceedings, discharge of interdiction,
  submission of disappearance), commercial law.
We also offer other services besides Commercial Register:
  establishing/abolishing of a trade company, association, foundations, sports clubs,
  additional acts, ascertained certificate, disolvation, cession, fusions and so on.
We function on the device of seriousness, confidentiality and fastness.