Our team is formed by professional translators (authorised by Ministry of Culture and
Professional Formation and by Ministry of Justice), offering competent translations in
juridic, technic, scientific, commercial domain and so on.
Our clients benefits, besides services of translation, conciliation as concern the
documents elaboration, documents legalization and superlegalization (apostile).
Our company succeeded in imposing for the very beginning, because of the
promptitude that onorates the contracts and of quality for the services realized.
Our company offers specialized services of notarial legalized translations from/in the
  following languages:
arabic bulgarian czech
chinese croatian danish
hebrew english finnish
french german greek
italish hungarian dutch
persian polish portuguese
russian serbian spanish
swedish turkish ukrainian
We also offer a complete set of services which include translation of documents by
an authorised translator by Ministry of Justice, their legalization by a notary pubic,
superlegalization (apostile), according to the respective country request, by Ministry of
Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice.
Our way of taxation has as a base a general tariff which depends on specialization
  and domain from/in which the translation is required (technic, judicial domain and so
  on). This tariff becomes bigger or smaller according to the exact features of that order
  (quantity, emergency and so on).
This way of taxation is also available for translations, the price being established
according to the time of translations, domain and location where they take place. For
translations in the case of concluding a marriage, signing notarial documents, a
price is being established per hour. For business meetings, conferences,
symposium, the price is being established per day.
For superlegalization, the company commission is being established according to
  the number of documents that have to be authentified. For a large number of
  documents there would be a considerable discount. In this way, we try to adapt the
  price to the complexity and the real cost of a work and to offer an objective way of
  taxation, but also flexible and adaptable to all the documents’ features.
Clients in the domain of translations:
Reiffeisen evolution project development Romania SRL
- XAPT ROMANIA SRL and so on.